How to Upload Art to Your Frame TV

The best feature about the Samsung Frame TV is the ability to display digital art while it's powered on or off. Here at the Heirloom Print Shop, we offer a wide variety of digital art created specifically for the Frame TV which are available here.

Samsung Frame TV above Fireplace Mantel

How to Upload Art on Your Frame TV

  1. Download your digital art and save it to your phone. After downloading your art, open your Photos app and create a New Album titled "Frame TV." Navigate to the picture of the downloaded digital art file in Photos and add it to your Frame TV album. *If you have an iPhone and are unable to find your file in Photos, open your Files folder and select your art file. Tap the upload icon on the bottom left and Save Image. This will send the file directly to your Recent Photos folder.
  2. Open your SmartThings app. If you haven't paired your Frame TV to the SmartThings app yet, you will need to do so before moving forward. Click here for the iPhone app or here for Android app and follow the app's directions to add your Frame TV. *Be sure that your phone and tv are connected to the same wifi network.
  3. Add digital art files to your Frame TV. Once your tv is connected to the app, at the bottom of the screen, tap "Devices" and select your Frame TV. Select the "Art Mode" section and then "Add Your Photos +." In the top left corner dropdown, for iPhone select the "Frame TV" album or "Download" folder for Android. Select your Frame TV art file and "Create Mat" at the bottom. Select "No Mat" and "Set on The Frame."
  4. To create authenticity, adjust the lighting and tone. In the top right corner, exit screen (x), tap the three dots menu, and select "Art Mode settings." Lowering the Brightness and adjusting the Color Tone dial a little warmer tends to provide your digital artwork with a more authentic look and feel. Ultimately this is a personal preference so adjust to suit your taste.

      Activate Art Mode Tip: To activate art mode on your Frame TV, quick tap the Power button on your Samsung remote.

      Digital art from the Heirloom Print Shop helps add old world charm to your living space. View art specifically sized for the Samsung Frame TV available here.